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SanDisk 1GB (1024MB) Ultra II Secure Digital - # SDSDH-1024-901

SanDisk 1GB (1024MB) Ultra II Secure Digital - # SDSDH-1024-901 Rating:
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Product Description

You probably already know about the ULTRA II SD CARD from Sandisk It's so much faster than generic or even regular Sandisk data cards. Photographers know this is critical for today's high megapixel cameras, especially when taking action shots. Just read these quotes from professional photographers! "I was able to take pictures so rapidly that I captured every fast-moving scene that I wanted. Previously when I shot the race, I sometimes missed key pictures because my slower performing flash card was still downloading images from the buffer and I couldn't use my camera. I see a huge performance difference with these new Ultra II cards, and I think that every professional and serious photographer will want to have them in their equipment bag." -- Cor Vos, internationally known photographer commenting about shooting the Tour de France "With the introduction of the SanDisk Ultra II cards, SanDisk has raised the bar and has taken the lead in the industry. This will become the standard by which all other flash cards will be judged. The increased speed of the Ultra II cards is going to make many professional and amateur photographers very happy. When I'm using the new 6.3 megapixel Canon 10D digital camera, for example, I need a card this fast to maximize the camera's performance because it shoots at three frames a second with a continuous burst rate of nine frames a second. The camera and the SanDisk Ultra II card are a perfect marriage." - J. DeMagio, award-winning photographer,images published in 35 countries. SanDisk is the world's leader in memory cards and the Ultra II is an ideal combination of high capacity, durability, and performance at a reasonable price point. In fact, it's so reliable and lasts longer and is stronger than other cards, that it comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you spent the money on a quality digital camera, why would you even think of using a second-rate memory card?


  • Minimum of 10MB/second** sequential read speed for ultra-fast image viewing and data transfer
  • Minimum 9MB/second** sequential write speed lets you capture large image files faster
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty
  • Low power consumption for longer battery life

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